How To Choose A Dog Collar

Luigi’s Fine Dog Collars make several different styles of dog collars to fit the many different needs of our customers and their dogs. Below are the four types of dog collars we currently have available and a description of their best uses.

Side Release Buckle Collar
The Side Release Buckle Dog Collar is perfect for everyday wear. It has a black or white quick release snap, depending on the color of the fabric. If you switch collars often on your dog and want to get that done quickly, this is the collar for your dog.

The Side Release Buckle is excellent to use as your dog’s tag collar. This dog collar should be sized to fit comfortably around your dog’s neck, not too tight, but not too loose so that it slides off your dog’s head. Luigi’s Fine Dog Collars make our Side Release Buckle Collar in a variety of widths, from 1/2″ to 2″ wide. Some fabric is only available in wider widths for our dog collars due to the size of the pattern on the cloth. But we have a variety of fabrics, and there will surely be a width available in a favored fabric somewhere among our offerings.

No Buckle Slide Collar
Luigi’s Fine Dog Collars also make a wonderful tag collar in the form of a No-Buckle Slide Collar. Though this collar takes a little more work to get on and off, it’s a beautiful collar type. The No-Buckle Dog Collar lies the flattest around your dog’s neck because its style is smooth and sleek. To fit it properly, you must measure the widest part of your dog’s head, because the collar itself has to be opened wide enough to slide over his head and onto his neck. Once on the neck, the collar is then adjusted via the triglide slide. Make sure that the collar is comfortable around your dog’s neck, not too tight, but that it’s fitted enough so it doesn’t slide right off your dog’s head. The No Buckle Slide Tag Collar is a perfect everyday collar.
Martingale Dog Collar

Chain Martingale Dog Collar

Our Martingale Collars come in two styles, fabric and chain, and which is available is dependent on the width you select. The choices are available from the drop-down menu on Luigi’s Fine Dog Collars ordering page. The Martingale style collar was made popular by those hounds whose heads are smaller or the same width as their necks.

The loop of the Martingale is about four inches long, and when a dog pulls on its leash, the loop tightens and the collar then fits snugly around his neck. This is why it’s very important to measure your dog correctly for a Martingale collar and moreso, to adjust it correctly when on your dog. When either the chain or fabric collar loop is pulled, the main part of the collar should fit exactly to the smallest part of your dog’s neck, no smaller, or else your dog will end up being choked, no larger, or your dog may slip out of the collar. Martingales are also known as the no-slip dog collar, limited slip collar, and the humane choke collar.

Luigi’s Fine Dog Collars believe in force-free and humane dog training and treatment of dogs, and therefore, our collars are made with this in mind. We love our dogs, and we love our dog-loving customers who care about their dogs’ welfare. Visit our Love Wags A Tail Dog Training sister site for more information.